Company offers Closed-Loop Logistics service to network operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers

FRISCO, TEXAS, January 5, 2018- Goodman Networks, a leading provider of end-to-end field services solutions, today announced the launching of their new Closed-Loop Logistics service, a full array of forward and reverse logistics services for network operators, consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers.

Founded in 2000, Goodman Networks began helping Communications Service Providers (CSPs) with the design, maintenance and installation of network infrastructure. Over the next 14 years, Goodman expanded the business through the delivery of a variety of services, and now conducts more than 1.4 million network installations in homes and small offices annually, utilizing a workforce of more than 2,200 skilled technicians.

Today, Goodman Networks, via its partnership with Genesis Networks Services, has expanded its service offerings by delivering a Closed-Loop Logistics service focused on helping electronics manufacturers and retailers to deploy and recover consumer electronics products and solutions. Goodman’s new offering has been customized to meet the needs of specific electronic manufacturers and retailers focused on serving the home and commercial markets. The Closed-Loop Logistics offering is also available for network operators, as the service handles the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of both telecom facility infrastructure and their customer premises.

Goodman Networks leverages its network of skilled technicians, its broad footprint and its deep domain expertise of installing technology in residences and enterprise locations to provide expert on-premise installation, maintenance and logistics service. This service provides hands-on support and utilizes the latest advances in the areas of data analytics. Goodman’s Closed-Loop service can be customized to meet individual needs, allowing customers to utilize any parts of the offering.


Goodman Networks’ Closed-Loop Logistics Solution provides seven stages of services, including:

  • Import & Assemble – Coordinated import and on-shore delivery of components. Continual analysis and optimization of shipments to ensure quick transportation and the lowest transport costs. Improved custom clearance due to importing of known components versus finished goods.
  • Stage & Kit – Testing, kitting and QA/QC activities to ensure orders are complete and accurate. Errors and the cost of kitting and staging are reduced using a controlled environment.
  • Forward Logistics – Coordinating logistics from warehouse to home or office. Logistics assets are leveraged, such as mega-warehouses and partner cross docks. Transportation/Fleet assets are leveraged, such as Goodman’s 2,200 installation/delivery vehicles and 2,200 technicians.
  • Install & Integrate – Services to install and integrate equipment into both in-home networks and in-network facilities via HomeCTOTM and Mobile Smart HandsTM
  • Monitor, Fix & Repair – First, networked items are monitored and quickly fixed through the Network Operations Center (NOC) and call center. If needed, in-person repair is coordinated using Mobile Smart Hands or HomeCTO to go on site to troubleshoot and repair.
  • Reverse Logistics – When necessary, the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) process involves retrieving equipment from homes, taking to the Network Integration Center (NIC) for assessment, test, return to manufacturer, and return to refurb inventory, based on requirements.


“With decades of experience providing technical and logistical support to some of the world’s largest service providers, we have a fundamental understanding of the end-to-end process of delivering, installing and repairing technology solutions,” said John Goodman, Goodman Networks’ Executive Chairman and CEO. “We are now extending this expertise to offer a full array of forward and reverse logistics services to network operators, electronics manufacturers and retailers focused on providing the consumer market with the connected products and solutions that are becoming essential components of daily life.  We believe this new offering provides the type of support these customers require as they continue to serve consumers and are optimistic in terms of the growth opportunities it will provide to our business as well.”


About Goodman Networks

With 2,200 field service professionals, Goodman Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end field services solutions to the wireless telecommunications, satellite television, smart home electronics retailers and technology OEMs. Since its founding in 2000, Goodman Networks has grown to become one of the largest multi-vendor network and home electronics services companies to the multiple industries in need of last-mile technician solutions in the United States.