Company’s HomeCTOTM offers professional in-home installation and support, and reduces complexity of connected consumer environments

FRISCO, TEXAS, June 2, 2017- Goodman Networks, a leading provider of end-to-end field services solutions, today introduced a new service offering known as HomeCTOTM, which provides consumer electronic retailers with skilled, professional in-home support for their customers.  This service provides purchasers of new home electronics with their own ‘Chief Technology Officer’ to help them install and integrate new devices into their home networks.

Founded in 2000, Goodman Networks initially partnered with network operators to help with deployments of wireless networks and customer premise equipment.  Today, Goodman Networks’ technicians complete more than 1.4 million network installations in homes, small offices and network facilities annually, with another 20,000 home security installations.

As the complexity of home networks continues to grow, Goodman Networks is now further leveraging their skilled workforce of technicians with experience in networks, services and connected devices to expand into new markets with their HomeCTOTM service.  This service provides electronics retailers and manufacturers with the ability to provide their customers with in-home technical support, maintenance and installation services.


Goodman Networks’ HomeCTOTM offerings supports several areas including:

  • Broadband (including wired, fixed wireless and satellite)
  • Home Theater & Audio/Visual
  • Home Security (including camera and video install)
  • Wifi & Networking
  • Lighting & Thermostat
  • IOT Devices
  • Others


HomeCTOTM technicians are trained to act as a customer’s Chief Technology Officer, and have expertise across a wide range of technologies and products. Additionally, Goodman Networks’ HomeCTOTM technicians are supported by Goodman’s logistics offerings to allow integrated delivery of equipment at the time of installation and remote trouble-shooting support via a Network Operations Center (NOC).

“The knowledge and experience of our technicians has always been a differentiator for us in terms of the level of support we can provide to our customers,” said John Goodman, Goodman Networks’ Executive Chairman and CEO. “Today, consumer reliance on connected devices is at an all-time high, as is their level of frustration by the degree of complexity multiple devices create.  We believe that the introduction of our HomeCTOTM during this inflection point will prove to be valuable to the retailers of technology and their customers, and offers Goodman Networks an opportunity to provide leadership as the market continues to mature.”


About Goodman Networks

With 2,200 field service professionals, Goodman Networks is a leading provider of end-to-end field services solutions to the wireless telecommunications, satellite television, smart home electronics retailers and technology OEMs. Since its founding in 2000, Goodman Networks has grown to become one of the largest multi-vendor network and home electronics service providers to the multiple industries in need of last-mile technician solutions in the United States.