From the company's beginnings as a small family business, our foundation has been integrity and honesty in all of our business dealings and the value of an honest day's work.

Our founding principle has evolved into the company's Mission Statement, which charters the actions of all Goodman Networks employees:

 To provide our customers with the highest quality engineering, deployment, integration and maintenance solutions.

Along with the company's Mission Statement, our Core Values are honored in everything we do:

  • Customer Appreciation. We value our customers as partners in our success.
  • Diversity. We take pride in and promote our corporate diversity as a competitive advantage.
  • Integrity. We stand behind our words with our actions. We treat those around us with respect and conduct business with the highest ethical standards.
  • Innovation. We welcome change and embrace the challenges of constantly-evolving technology and business environments.
  • Passion. We are passionate about the work we do and the value we provide to others.
  • Quality and Safety. We are committed to meeting our customers' expectations of quality and on-time delivery while maintaining an unwavering commitment to safety.

Application of our Mission Statement and Core Values ensures Goodman Networks customers that they can trust us to execute their mission-critical initiatives with the same thoughtfulness and enthusiasm they expect from themselves.  These principles enable our customers to leave their network implementation, enhancement and maintenance programs to us while they focus on important revenue generation and customer satisfaction activities. Each year, the employees of Goodman Networks sign a commitment to the company's Mission Statement and Core Values. These commitments are proudly displayed at each of the company's locations.

CA Transparency and Supply Chain Act