Hardware-related inefficiencies are a natural by-product of the never-ending network evolution lifecycle. Through our Radio Optimization Solution, Goodman Networks identifies inefficiencies and makes recommendations that eliminate them.

As user traffic patterns evolve throughout the lifecycle of an operating wireless network, we inevitably find that network electronics that were optimally deployed initially are not optimally deployed as time goes on. In some areas capacity must be added, while in others it is excessive. Meanwhile, carrier personnel focused on the latest network technology upgrade lifecycle, from 3G to LTE for example, can lack the time to apply the necessary scrutiny to the existing network.

Goodman Networks has developed its Radio Optimization Solution in answer to this dilemma. We analyze traffic patterns, component utilization rates and growth forecasts throughout the network, from cell site through core. We identify all inefficiencies, whether in the form of bottlenecks or underutilized equipment.

We provide a comprehensive set of recommendations, including: 
  • Facilities to be modified;
  • Optimal number of base stations, radios and/or channel elements at each RAN site;
  • Ideal alignment of base stations to RNCs within a given MSC;
  • The proper sequence for facility modification activities.

As a result, expensive electronics can be rebalanced and redistributed to ensure amortization of capital investment and achieve optimal network performance.

Of course, we're happy to handle the physical removal and redeployment of the applicable network components.  Please see our 2G/3G Harvesting and Decommissioning solutions for more information.

Customer Challenges  
  • Inefficient allocation of network equipment – too much capacity in some facilities, not enough in others 
  • Unrealized monetary value of surplus equipment 
  • Technical expertise and sophisticated analysis required to plan redistribution correctly