Our Power Upgrade Solutions ensure the proper, uninterrupted functioning of network access and backhaul equipment.

As new technologies and services are rolled out, network power infrastructure must keep pace with other changes if network operational integrity is to be maintained. Our Power Upgrade Solutions give network operators the assurance that their facilities will remain in continual operation even during power utility interruptions.

We analyze network infrastructure and recommend upgrades when:

  • They are made necessary by the installation of new access and/or backhaul components.
  • Growth trends make the need for them likely in the future.
  • Needed physical space can be gained by replacing older equipment with newer equipment.
  • We observe weaknesses in the overall power plant or grounding system.

Our technical expertise and application of electrical best practices help us deliver best-in-class Power Upgrade Solutions.

We thoroughly analyze existing and future facility power capacity and loads, and engineer power configurations that accommodate both current and likely growth. As a vendor- and technology-neutral services provider, we take pride in designing the best power plant systems regardless of brand. We also perform facility grounding surveys and recommend grounding system improvements where appropriate. Our power engineers and technicians are experts at working on live components and at integrating new components within existing, older systems.

Customer Challenges

  • Inadequate power supply, backup availability or grounding system.
  • Improper planning for future growth.
  • Integration of newer and older components.
  • Proper engineering & installation practices must be followed to avoid outages.