Our commitment to continuous improvement has helped us develop a best-in-class drive testing solution featuring optimized workflow and data collection. By acting as our customers’ dedicated drive testing partner, we provide them ongoing network quality assurance and overall cost savings.

Goodman Networks offers a best-in-class drive testing solution including national and regional programs that can save network operators millions of dollars annually. Through our scale and nationwide reach, we serve as our customers' dedicated drive testing partner across large geographies, leveraging economies of scale and consistent workflow to deliver optimized pricing.

Additionally, we utilize the types of best practices our customers have come to expect from us to ensure reliability, consistency and elimination of regulatory risk: 
Dedicated in-house team with rapid-response availability across the country.

Team members thoroughly trained in test route preparation, equipment operation and data post-processing. 

Application of our project management expertise to drive efficiency and appropriate usage of customer personnel time, clearly-defined, documented processes and deliverables. ISO/TL-compliant maintenance and calibration of test equipment.
Custom-developed tools to optimize workflow and data collection.

Customer Challenges  
  • Drive testing represents both fixed and variable costs, as it must be performed routinely to maintain a current view of the network, but also when changes are made.
  • Inconsistent processes, documentation, employee training and test equipment expose carriers to costly regulatory risk.
  • Procuring drive testing services on an as-needed basis ignores the economic benefits of large program pricing.