We help customers migrate seamlessly from legacy to next generation technologies.  Our team removes end-of-life components without disruption to subscribers, enabling carrier personnel to focus on revenue generation and customer satisfaction activities.

We've implemented and optimized enough networks to understand the urgency of removing outdated network technology and components.  Retaining yesterday's equipment beyond its usefulness wastes valuable ground and tower space, generates unnecessary operating expenses and leaves residual values unrealized.  Done incorrectly, the decommissioning of older equipment can jeopardize the operation of newer technologies and cause the unintentional distribution of confidential information.

Goodman Networks is proud to offer our Decommissioning Solution as part of our comprehensive suite of network implementation and enhancement services. 

We remove and repurpose thousands of pieces of equipment annually and take great care to safeguard the integrity and value of all customer assets. We: 
Facilitate migration of customers and network traffic seamlessly from older technologies to newer ones.

Work with recycling and resale partners to generate maximum return value while adhering to strict environmental standards.

Plan and manage our activities carefully to prevent disruption to network operations. Update customer records and databases to reflect equipment removed and/or left behind.
Remove customer equipment to safe and secure warehouse facilities for processing. Provide detailed closeout documentation including certificates of destruction, as applicable.
Ensure complete cleansing of sensitive data from all equipment prior to disposition.  

Customer Challenges  
  • Inefficient use of facility space & excessive energy consumption.
  • Residual value of end-of-life equipment unrealized.
  • Integrity of existing operations must be preserved.
  • Logistics, resale & recycling capabilities needed.