Ensuring adequate capacity in 3G and 4G wireless networks is critical to satisfying and retaining subscribers.  Our Carrier Add Solution provides network operators a seamless and efficient means for accommodating rapidly-growing data traffic.

As wireless networks continue to experience exponential growth in data traffic, increasing the capacity of existing sites is just as important as adding new ones. Our customers rely on us to help them expand 3G and 4G network capacity by engineering and/or installing additional carriers at more than 12,000 sites per year.

We offer all the expertise needed to provide a complete end-to-end Carrier Add solution including: 
Rapid mobilization to support large regional or national carrier add programs. Impressive project management structure and discipline enabling our industry-leading quality, safety and on-time delivery.
World-class engineering to ensure optimal site configuration and infrastructure utilization. Thorough and timely completion of due diligence and site preparation activities, including lease amendments, permits, A&E deliverables, civil and electrical modifications, and RF system upgrades.
Financial strength and logistics infrastructure and expertise to insure that equipment and materials are onsite, on-time and within budget. Careful planning & execution management to eliminate disruptions to the operating network.
Installation, commissioning and integration services including provisioning/scripting/data translations. Project closeout documentation and database/records updates.

Customer Challenges  
  • Potentially large volume of carrier adds over extended geographies and short time periods
  • Precursor activities must be completed on schedule
  • Accurate and timely material deliveries are essential
  • No disruptions to live operating networks are permissible