Goodman Networks helps its customers redistribute and reintegrate 2G/3G equipment across their networks to improve network performance and efficiency. Our 2G/3G Harvesting solution also ensures maximum utilization and amortization of valuable network components.

We developed our equipment harvesting solution to help our customers derive maximum value from their networks. By decommissioning/reselling surplus equipment or redeploying it to sites where it is needed, we facilitate proper amortization of carrier capital investment while improving network capacity utilization.  Of course, we are able to achieve these results while executing the type of program our customers have come to expect from Goodman Networks: large-scale, regional or national, with industry-leading quality and on-time performance. 

The focal points of our harvesting solution include: 
An end-to-end combination of services that frees carrier personnel to focus on mission-critical activities.

Reconfiguration of cell site equipment layouts to optimize usage of physical space.

Safe removal and redeployment of surplus equipment without disruption to network operations. Comprehensive and secure logistical support, including shipping to/from centralized warehouse locations.
Inspection and refurbishment of equipment to ensure continued peak performance. Installation, commissioning and integration services including provisioning/scripting/data translations.
Thorough knowledge transfer including site closeout documentation and database/records updates.  


Customer Challenges 
  • Inefficient network equipment allocation & configuration
  • Must preserve integrity of existing operations.
  • Materials management, warehousing, refurbishment & logistics expertise required.
  • Technical expertise in migration and integration necessary.