To satisfy subscribers and stay ahead of the competition, wireless carriers continually evolve their networks. Goodman Networks’ wireless solutions help customers win the race to implement new technologies with industry leading quality and safety ratings.

With more than 12 years’ experience and a nationwide workforce of more than 4,900 employees, Goodman Networks offers the knowledge and capacity to design and deploy complex and converging networks. 

Whether implementing new LTE technology or enhancing 3G capacity and coverage, we are a trusted partner of commercial wireless network operators and equipment manufacturers nationwide.  

Each year we complete more than 20,000 wireless technology deployments, 60,000 engineering & integration projects and perform maintenance on over 14,000 cell sites.


Experience the results of our extensive investments in the personnel, education and infrastructure needed to ensure network program success:
Expertise across the entire end-to-end services - including network design* & site engineering, deployment, backhaul and power upgrades, integration, optimization and maintenance Scale to rapidly mobilize large teams of expert internal resources and dependable subcontractors anywhere in the country
Enviable financial resources and logistics management capabilities Sophisticated program management organization (PMO) and independent quality & safety teams, helping us achieve industry-leading quality, safety and on-time delivery results
Comprehensive systems capabilities and support including both industry-standard and custom-developed project management tools; Oracle ERP, EDI, Siterra and Goodman’s PULSE The objectivity of being a technology-neutral services partner, facilitating design and implementation of multi-vendor solutions that incorporate efficient and effective components regardless of brand

Projects Completed Since Inception
Cell Site Technology Upgrades  34,300 Cell Site Capacity Upgrades 35,900
New Cell Site Construction 5,067 Wireless Equipment Decommissioned  8,700
Cell Sites Maintained 41,800 E911 Technology Implemented  28,600
Cell Sites Drive Tested  89,000 Detailed Engineering Jobs Completed 188,100
Integration Projects 7,600 Wireless Backhaul Enhancements 24,600
In-Building Projects  9,700 Customer Premise Systems Installed 6.8 M