We use our expertise across wireless and backhaul networks to drive efficient and cost-effective Small Cell deployments. Our Small Cell Solution includes thoughtful planning and capitalization on the most advantageous leasing, permitting and backhaul opportunities.

With relentless mobile data growth and proliferation of new data hungry devices, mobile network operators are considering new and innovative broadband network deployment models.  Among these are Heterogeneous Networks that incorporate Small Cells. Heterogeneous Networks consist of different wireless technologies and cell layers working together to provide a seamless wireless experience to the end user.

The Small Cell network layer will comprise a significant, and perhaps dominant, portion of future wireless network implementations.  Goodman Networks anticipates there will be a race among wireless carriers to deploy these networks as they compete to meet customer demand for services and capitalize on the best available siting and backhaul assets.

We've invested in the people, education, processes and systems that will enable us to deliver world-class Small Cell Solutions:
We've developed an innovative Intelligent Services Delivery Model to ensure that we offer optimal efficiency and an unparalleled customer experience across the end-to-end spectrum of small cell services, including logistics, configuration, network monitoring and technical support.
We're studying metropolitan siting assets and acquisition/zoning/permitting processes so we can develop accurate schedules and pursue the right structures immediately on program commencement.
We're working with our backhaul partners to determine the best options for our customers. Backhaul will be a vital aspect of fulfilling the small cell promise of improved capacity and network speed while minimizing the time and cost required to deploy these networks.
We're designing test networks, so we know how to achieve capacity objectives while making the best use of spectrum and avoiding interference with the macro network.
We're active in industry associations and monitoring developments in the equipment space so we're prepared to launch programs when called upon.

Customer Challenges

  • Accurate Small Cell placement is required to maximize network capacity.
  • Securing high capacity, low cost backhaul is critical for successful Small Cell deployments.
  • Density of Small Cell deployments will make obtaining key sites and master lease agreements vitally important.
  • Deployment resources must be competent cross-functionally in Small Cells, operations, maintenance, transport and other disciplines.