Outdated TDM switching infrastructure is expensive to operate and maintain.Through our TDM Migration Solution, we help network operators improve the efficiency of their switching infrastructure without disruption to customers or internal personnel.

The high cost of running and maintaining large quantities of older TDM equipment has many carriers looking to replace them with newer IP switches, or at least consolidate excess capacity in fewer TDM switches.

Importantly, Goodman Networks personnel are experts at planning and managing our activities carefully to prevent disruption to network operations and respect carrier personnel priorities and time.  When appropriate, we work with certified recycling and resale partners to generate maximum return value for surplus equipment while adhering to confidential information standards and environmental regulations.  Finally, we provide detailed closeout documentation including certificates of destruction as needed.

Goodman Networks is proud to offer a comprehensive TDM Migration solution that vastly improves the efficiency of switch operations, including:
Superior project management practices that provide for clear communication and on-time delivery
Best-in-class engineering to ensure proper facility planning and configuration
Professional installation services that result in high-quality switch facilities
Execution of both hardware and software related activities required to achieve seamless rerouting of customers and traffic to new switches
Removal and repurposing, resale or recycling of surplus switch equipment
Customer Challenges
  • Large volume of TDM switches to be consolidated/migrated
  • Assigned engineers & technicians must be appropriately skilled
  • Smooth transfer of customers/traffic to new switch equipment is critical
  • Respect for confidential information & environmental regulations required