By tapping into our PMO, our customers can access proven program management personnel, methodologies and tools to ensure the successful execution of their programs.

Goodman Networks maintains a standing Program Management Organization (PMO) to ensure the successful execution of large, complex telecommunication network programs.  This organization forms the cornerstone of our consistent achievement of industry-leading quality, safety, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction metrics.

Not only does our PMO oversee all of our network implementation programs, we also make our proven program management personnel, processes and methodologies available as a tool to help our customers ensure the successful execution of their programs.

By leveraging our PMO Support Solution, our customers gain access to our knowledge of best practices and lessons learned through completion of more than 100,000 individual site development projects over the last decade. 

Customer Challenges

  • Significant management resources required to oversee multiple, large-scale, simultaneous initiatives
  • Availability of appropriately skilled & experienced talent
  • Access to ready-to-use tools & templates
  • Awareness of tried & true tracking, communication & escalation techniques