We’re helping our customers implement an innovative technology platform that works with their existing asset management system to increase automation and asset usage. The results include greater efficiency and improved business results.

Goodman Networks manages almost $200 million in materials spend annually through a network of over 100 suppliers, and also handles thousands of pieces of customer equipment. We operate warehouses in seven locations across the United States and also coordinate several 3PL provider locations. To ensure optimal inventory management performance, we've implemented an innovative Asset Enablement Solution in addition to our Oracle ERP platform. We're now making this Solution available to our customers as a tool to help them achieve the same inventory management results we have.

Our Asset Enablement Solution incorporates innovative and revolutionary workflows and automated business logic processes to enable instant identification of all available assets, facilitating their most cost-effective utilization on current and future projects. The system works with other inventory management platforms to support automated order fulfillment, reprioritization, and project planning.

Our Asset Enablement Solution significantly improves inventory management automation, efficiency & visibility.

  • Fulfills and reprioritizes numerous BOMs automatically 
  • Gathers data from multiple sources and provides unified views 
  • Offers unrestricted visibility and reporting capabilities in relation to assets and materials procured for projects, including serialized, non-serialized, consumables, and other asset types 
  • Provides automated and seamless bi-directional communication between internal and external resources 

Customer Challenges

  • Manual processes and unlinked systems lead to inventory management inefficiencies
  • Excess capital and operating expenses
  • Integration of solution with existing inventory management technology