Our In-Building Solutions enable increased productivity, control, revenue and cost savings. Our wireless carrier and public & private enterprise customers rely on us to help them transform their operations using wireless In-building technologies and applications.

3G/4G Coverage & Capacity. 
Our experience with 3G and 4G technologies has positioned us as a leader and trusted advisor in the design, deployment, and commissioning of in-building solutions. CSI Solutions Group is the only product neutral systems integrator approved by all of the nation’s largest wireless network operators to provide turnkey solutions on a nationwide basis. We understand the requirements of each carrier on a national and regional level, which streamlines the overall project process and guarantees a successful deployment. We are experts at implementing both dedicated, single carrier systems and multi-carrier and neutral host systems.

Public Safety. 
Recently adopted codes mandate that all buildings have adequate wireless signal to ensure mission critical communications for first responders via their radios or other wireless devices. CSI Solutions Group provides In-Building wireless systems that satisfy all public safety communication requirements including UHF/VHF, 700/800 MHz, paging, and two-way radio. Our solutions ensure reliable and secure emergency communications, even in hard-to-reach areas or challenging RF environments.
Public Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Offload. 
We have installed 802.11 systems nationwide. Wi-Fi systems can be configured for either restricted or open access, and can offer building owners new revenue streams in some cases. Wi-Fi technology is a key enabler for many of our specialized applications, including wireless point of sale, kiosks, guest access, location-based services, and custom content delivery.
Building Automation. 
We provide the wireless infrastructure needed to support building automation solutions that generate improved comfort, better control and energy savings. Key applications include lighting, HVAC, surveillance and access. These solutions deliver overall cost savings that can generate a sound ROI within months and provide tax incentives through Green and LEED initiatives.

Wireless LAN (WLAN). 
Wireless In-Building systems are a great way to enable a local area network that supports enterprise applications. WLAN systems provide for a more robust and secure work environment by facilitating intra-office mobility and collaboration using the latest workflow applications. Whether your application is voice over WLAN, location-based services, or basic mobility enablement, we have the expertise to design, implement and secure the network to meet your requirements.
Emergency Notification. 
The ability to quickly and reliably communicate during an emergency is critical to saving lives. CSI Solutions group offers applications designed to instantly notify students, employees, and first responders in a time of emergency can be integrated onto one wireless network. For instance, colleges and universities have begun to adopt applications that notify students and faculty of campus-wide emergencies via a text message sent to mobile phones.