Our end-to-end capabilities ensure our customers a one-stop answer to their In-Building needs.

End-to-End Capabilities

Needs Assessment. We analyze our customers’ business requirements and recommend an end-to-end solution that addresses all needs discussed, and also takes into consideration any applicable facility and emergency management protocols. DAS Installation. We handle all activities necessary to implement the system throughout the facility, including router, repeater & remote installation, running of fiber and/or coaxial cable, and antenna placement. We work closely with both facility management and carrier representatives to make sure all requirements are satisfied and protocols are observed.
Benchmarking. We undertake detailed RF testing and analysis to ascertain the impact of In-Building facilities on the macro network and vice versa. We conduct these activities both pre- and post-implementation.

Head End/BTS Installation:  We provide self-perform capabilities for BTS engineering, furnishing, installation, testing and turn-up. We also manage all utility, electrical and mechanical work needed to prepare the Head End space.  Our knowledge of all national tier-one carrier Head End standards and specifications, and familiarity with the equipment supplied by multiple OEMs, are key to ensuring successful execution of these important activities

Site Survey. We conduct an on-site review of the facility to understand any applicable structural challenges, building codes and property management requirements. Integration. After the system has been installed, we’ll take measurements to ensure that the wireless solution meets FCC regulations, wireless service provider standards and customer performance criteria. We’ll then work with the wireless carrier(s) as needed to activate the new system on their network(s).
Engineering. We work with our customers to develop an installation and integration plan that fits their business, venue, and content delivery model. Optimization. As technology and usage patterns change, so does the way your system works. We can reassess the performance of your network at various points in time and recommend modifications to improve speed and capacity, ensuring a continually superior user experience.