Wireless In-Building systems in Commercial Real Estate properties produce happier tenants, higher occupancy rates and improved return on investment.

Wireless network performance has become an important aspect of negotiations between lessees of commercial space and building owners. Ubiquitous coverage has even become a prerequisite for more sophisticated renters.

Our Commercial Real Estate Solutions help building owners and developers meet their tenants’ demands for ubiquitous 3G and 4G wireless coverage.Also, by implementing a wireless In-Building system, you can enable the latest technologies and code compliance in your building, including:
  • Public Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Offload. Faster data speeds, location-based services, new revenue opportunities.
  • Wireless LAN (WLAN). Connectivity without the messy process of bringing network cables to every node.
  • Public Safety. Adherence to the latest first-responder building requirements.
  • Building Automation. Improved comfort and controls thanks to wireless HVAC, lighting, and security.
  • Emergency Notification. Urgent In-Building and cross-campus messaging to every wireless device.
Contact us to find out how an In-Building wireless system can increase your property’s appeal and value, today and tomorrow.