We have a rich history of providing In-Building solutions to a wide variety of facility owners.

There are many powerful reasons to implement In-Building wireless solutions, including:
  • Improved 3G and 4G coverage and capacity for users.
  • Wireless LAN and Wi-Fi offload.
  • Cutting-edge building automation, controls and facilities management.
  • Improved security, public safety and emergency notification.
  • Creation of new revenue opportunities for facility owners.
  • Enablement of broadband access in older buildings less invasively than bringing wired connectivity to every user.

Facilities: Each of our customers have unlocked the potential to enjoy all of these benefits. In addition, as described below, we offer specialized applications for many facility types. Explore the links at right, including case studies, project profiles and customer lists, to learn more about our experience supporting each of these facilities.
Commercial Real Estate. We help commercial developers and lessors satisfy their tenants’ demands for ubiquitous wireless coverage. See our ‘Spotlight on: Commercial Real Estate Solutions’ page for more information. Hospitality/Event Centers. Travelers expect ubiquitous broadband coverage throughout hotel properties, and convention centers require enhanced capacity for special events. We meet these requirements and support wireless kiosks, customer care and point of sale.
Education. We provide an enhanced learning, living and administration environment for students, faculty and staff. See our ‘Spotlight on: Education Solutions’ page for more information. Manufacturing/Distribution. In-Building systems are especially useful for wireless supply chain automation, asset tracking/RFID, inventory management and work order automation.
Enterprise. We enable a wide variety of wireless applications for corporate building and campus owners. See our ‘Spotlight on: Enterprise Solutions’ page for more information. Transportation. We provide optimal coverage and capacity for travelers while enabling robust wireless applications for operators of air travel, train, transit system and port facilities.
Government. Public sector facilities accrue the same benefits enjoyed by our commercial customers. Retail. Our solutions enable wireless point of sale and inventory management applications for retailers while enhancing the shopping experience for consumers.
Healthcare. We enable specialized paging, patient monitoring and electronic medical records applications, and are accustomed to working in unique environments where sterility, privacy and uninterrupted operations are imperative.  Stadiums/Arenas. We offer the ideal experience for today’s technology-savvy sports fan while enhancing connectivity for facility operations, franchise management, concessions, press and crowd control personnel.