Our Network Operations Center provides a carrier-class outsourced option for network configuration management, monitoring, restoration and support.

Many network operators have identified their network operations centers and associated monitoring and callout activities as excellent outsourcing opportunities. This is because network operations are essential but not strategic, and divesting them allows carriers to focus on driving new products and services while improving their financial results.

Network operators looking for outsourced NOC solutions are looking for:

  • An affordable, managed services solution
  • A secure, reliable facility
  • Scalability into the hundreds of thousands of network elements
  • Solutions that can be deployed in days or weeks without a heavy dependency on consulting services
  • A focus on addressing their core concerns of rapid service resolution and asset management
  • A larger solution set that includes preventive maintenance, fault isolation and restoration, repair and return, and root cause analysis

The Goodman Networks Network Operations Center (GNOC) is a hardened, secure facility that helps our customers with a unique combination of managed services technologies, methodologies and expertise. When network disruptions occur, GNOC staff rapidly identify the source and location of the problem and determine the proper resolution.  GNOC and our field engineers work quickly and efficiently to enact the solution, engaging each of the relevant stakeholders in the resolution process as needed and logging the resolution in the corporate knowledge base.

GNOC helps customers:

  • Drive down total cost of ownership
  • Lower the mean time to repair
  • Improve service
  • Manage their increasing network operations complexity
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Mitigate risk