Our network integration capabilities help us seamlessly activate and optimize new components and services in live wireless, access, transport and backhaul networks.

Goodman Networks’ integration and optimization engineers and technicians have years of experience with lab trials, first office applications and extensive work on live networks.  Whether you are adding a single new element or doing a network-wide upgrade, our team has likely completed multiple similar efforts on complex network topologies.

Our integration team’s knowledge and experience include almost all inside plant, wireless and OSP technologies.  These include, but are not limited to, TDM, IP, Nortel and Lucent Class 5 switching, DWDM, cross-connects, wireless 4G/LTE, 3G (UMTS/EVDO/HSPA/WCDMA/CDMA Rev A), 2G, WiMAX, microwave, IMS and transformation to a flat IP architecture.

The team features certified program management professionals to manage the overall process including project planning, design, engineering, implementation and customer acceptance. We provide technical support for FOAs, trials, trouble-ticket resolution and other development or product-related requirements common to complex, multi-vendor environments.

Other services frequently performed by this large team include:

    • Provisioning for signaling, call routing, features, site integration and testing.
    • Deploying generic software loads.
    • Data engineering support services.
    • OSS and BSS integration.
    • Records management and clean-up services.