Our technician services are an important element of our commitment to providing complete end-to-end wireless network implementation and maintenance solutions.

Goodman Networks offers a comprehensive suite of technician-based services for wireless sites.  We offer all technical services related to installation, cabling & wiring, turn-up, commissioning and testing of wireless base stations, transport equipment, DC power plants, batteries and rectifiers.  We also rely on our technicians to maintain and repair these cell site components.

Our technicians are trained in a wide variety of OEM equipment and procedures and average almost 10 years of experience.  They are armed with the proper tools, test equipment, consumables and spares and when required.  We manage their activities closely to ensure adherence to project schedules, notice, access/security and maintenance window requirements.  We make certain we provide proper method of procedure (MOP) documentation and maintain optimal communication and cooperation with network management personnel in the NOC. 

We leverage the supervision and support of technical supervisors who provide subject matter and troubleshooting expertise.  We also self-audit all completed installation work to affirm high-quality work and adherence to carrier, OEM and industry standards.