Goodman Networks University, or GNETU, is our internal learning services organization.  GNETU is tasked with building capabilities, ensuring quality and safety, and supporting cost control throughout our enterprise.

The organization sharpens our competitive advantage by promoting access to knowledge and building competencies that stimulate innovative thinking and behavior. GNETU is committed to expanding knowledge company-wide in accordance with our motto, “Network Knowledge… Delivered.” 

Goodman Networks also offers tuition reimbursement and annual stipends to support our employees’ continued professional growth and development.  These programs augment the internal education programs that GNETU develops and delivers. 

Our portfolio of web-based curricula consists of hundreds of courses and we continuously build our collection.
GNETU is Designed to:
1.  Share the culture and values of Goodman Networks 
2.  Develop the people of Goodman Networks to their highest potential 
3.  Enhance communication and knowledge sharing throughout Goodman Networks 
4.  Increase the knowledge and expertise of the company's end-to-end capabilities
Our Formats:

GNETU’s staff determines the best delivery format, venue and schedule for training. The learning solutions development and delivery process is typically completed in four stages – analyze, resource, deliver and evaluate. Courses are delivered in one of the following formats: 

  1. Structured Knowledge Transfer (SKT)
  2. Instructor-led (ILT) – Goodman site or other site
  3. Virtual Classroom (VCT) – Classroom-on-the-web
  4. Web-Based (WBL) – Goodman server-based
Training Disciplines:

The GNETU curriculum spans five essential training disciplines: 
1. Interpersonal
2. Business
3. Technical
4. Management
5. Leadership